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Digital Hearing Aid Center in Chicago – 30 Years in Practice

  • Hearing Health Center was voted Best Practice in Chicago and the suburbs by the Hearing Review for 3 years in a row.
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Hearing Aid Center In Chicago

Founding History

Hearing Health Center (HHC) was founded in 1984 by Dr. Ronna Fisher, Au.D., because of her experience watching her father struggle with an increased difficulty hearing and communicating. "My father's hearing didn't just affect him; it affected our entire family. He missed so much of my life, and it didn't have to be that way."
The practice has grown to become Chicago's premier hearing facility. The doctors of audiology at Hearing Health Center are renowned for their skill in comprehensive hearing assessments, diagnosing and treatment of balance and vestibular disorders, and prescribing and individually tuning every type of hearing aid and personal communication device available.

marv-levy“Because of the outstanding professional care that I have received from you and everyone there at the Hearing Health Center I feel compelled now to write to you in order to express my regard and my appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing on behalf of so many of us who have suffered from hearing impairment.

Your patience, your constant updating of better procedures, your willingness to follow up, and the results that I have experienced because of you and your coworkers there has truly improved the quality of life for me and for so many others who have benefited not only from your expertise but from how sincerely you all do care about your patients.

You don’t just do it the “easy way.” You do it the right way! And I am but one of many people who is able to enjoy myself more fully because of what you have done on my behalf.”

- Marv Levy, Coach

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June 2016

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Summer is Starting to Heat Up!

Summer is Starting to Heat Up!

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Hearing Aid In Chicago

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Best Hearing Aid Chicago

The Fisher Foundation

The mission of the Fisher Foundation is to enhance the quality of life through better hearing. We provide educational seminars, counseling, and research in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs in order to raise public awareness of the acute importance of protection, detection, and treatment of hearing disorders to creating overall good health. We are a resource that others may turn to for assistance when they have no other access or funding for hearing health care.

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To all of the participants, organizers, and sponsors of the 2015 Hike 4 Better Hearing.

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The work of the Fisher Foundation is in need of donations all year long to reach their goal of helping bring families together through hearing.  Donate today.

Stay tuned for details on the 2016 Hike 4 Better Hearing!


Hike 4 Better hearing

About the Hike 4 Better Hearing

The Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care held its first Hike 4 Better Hearing on September 20, 2014! The Hike enabled six people and their extended families to be reunited once again through better hearing. In addition, the Hike brought hearing health awareness to dozens of communities, facilities, and health care professionals. Reggie Smith, former NFL player and vice president of the Chicago chapter of the NFL Players Association, showed his support by joining the cause with his family.

Riley FFFor the Fisher Foundation’s second Hike 4 Better Hearing on August 29, 2015, over $17,000 was raised to provide hearing aids to those who need them. One special recipient, Riley Buckholz, a 6-year-old cancer patient, has already received the gift of hearing from his hero, Batman!

From our Blog: Watch the video “Batman Delivers Gift of Hearing to a 6-year-old- Cancer Patient

Read: Chicago Tribune Article “Naperville Batman Helps Child Fighting Cancer”

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Why Hearing Health Center – How We are Different – 30 Years in Practice Hearing Health Center was voted Best Practice in Chicago and the suburbs by the Hearing Review for 3 years in a row.
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